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EZ Qualify - Online Prequalification Form

As consumers shop for vehicles online, you can now quickly prequalify them with a soft pull credit score to prioritize your follow up. Convert your website traffic into high quality leads!

What is EZ Qualify?

  • EZ Qualify is a simple plug-in that can be placed anywhere on your website or used in social media marketing to quickly capture consumer leads, their credit score and their auto summary.
  • A soft credit pull will enable you to instantly prequalify your lead based on their exact credit score and your approval threshold.

What is a Soft Pull?

  • A soft credit pull is an inexpensive way to prequalify a buyer without a hard inquiry on their credit file and does not require a Social Security Number or Date of Birth.
  • You are provided insight into the credit worthiness of your buyer including their FICO score and auto summary.

What are the Benefits?

  • Increased Lead Conversions – consumers qualified early in the sales process convert at higher rates.
  • Faster Sales – reduced time from lead-to-appointment, and appointment-to-sale. Buyers show up to their appointment when they know they are qualified.
  • Easy Integration – into your website, digital retailing platform or showroom delivering a seamless experience.


  1. A link on your website or social media will direct buyers to this short form:
  2. Upon completion, your lead is provided with approval based on your thresholds:
  3. You receive the online lead, consumer score, and auto summary data into any application:
  4. Based on this insight, you can prioritize your follow up actions:

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