NCC is the #1 automotive credit bureau provider. With over 21 years of experience, our data reporting solutions empower dealers to work with their customers to quickly determine their purchase capacity, while providing dealerships the necessary insights to best determine how they can proceed with financing options to close the sale quickly and provide excellent customer service.

NCC Powers 1 in 5 Franchise Dealers Credit Reporting

We partner with the three leading credit report companies to prepare comprehensive, compliant reports. With more than 13M credit reports pulled annually, NCC dealer partners benefit from our long-term credit bureau relations to save time and money.

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NCC's credit reporting solution is fully integrated with RouteOne and Dealertrack to deliver fast, reliable and most importantly, fully compliant reporting with all government laws and regulations.

Engaging with customers and getting the process started doesn't have to wait until they walk through the door.

Start the Pre-Qual Process Online

NCC's EZ APP is an effective online lead generation tool that helps to increase sales numbers without breaking your budget. This interactive lead generation tool includes audio, text and video messages that encourages online shoppers to pre-qualify for a car loan. EZ APP can easily be integrated with most live chat web tools, Facebook and YouTube social media pages for additional promotion and lead capture.

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Accelerate Your EZ APP Pre-Approvals

Maximize your online lead conversions with EZ Market Driver, an EZ APP accelerator! EZ Market Driver increases online lead conversion by leveraging data to target in-market shoppers to ultimately increase showroom traffic. With a proven track record, EZ Market Driver It will boost real-time online lead capture by:

  • Identifying 5,000 in-market consumers around your dealership with predictive analytics
  • Marketing to right customers with the right vehicles leveraging strategic email marketing
  • Driving customers to your EZ APP web solution financing pre-approval that will get the sales process started!

Target new customers and enhance your retention initiatives with EZ Market Driver. It's cost effective, delivers proven results and increases customer engagement when it matters most. EZ APP and EZ Market Driver are effective ways to turn online visitors into walk-in customers.


NCC threads the car buying story together using our data insights to connect individuals and dealers, to create a positive outcome that is both effective and rewarding.

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