Soft Pull Credit

Empower Consumers
Accelerate Sales

An impactful website prequalification plug-in that provides a soft pull credit report with every lead and delivers a 133% overall improvement in lead-to-sale:

  • 52% increase in website completions compared to standard online lead forms.
  • 53% improvement in closed sales compared to standard lead forms.

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At National Credit Center, we understand that your customers may be testing the waters to determine what they can afford and may not want their credit score to be affected by contemplating new financing of a vehicle This is why our software gives you the power to perform a soft credit check that leaves no impact on their credit score but can help them make an informed decision regarding the affordability of the vehicle.


Single Report With the
Credit Data and Scores You Need
Provides Direction on
What Your Consumers Can Afford
No Impact on
Consumer Credit Score

Research shows that soft pull solutions are 30% more likely to result in a sale, so offering this capability to your customers could equate to significantly increased profit margins for your business. By empowering your customers, you will see immediate benefits.

With National Credit Center’s credit check software, you will receive a single report containing the credit data and scores you need to assess an individual’s creditworthiness without impacting their credit score. This soft credit check will provide you with the insights you need to determine what your prospective customer can afford and the rates you are able to offer them.

Our credit check software seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, delivering 99.99% system uptime and accessing data from all leading credit bureaus to inform your lending decisions.

NCC Soft Pulls

National Credit Center’s Soft Pull solutions will help your customer understand what they can afford and help you shorten your sales process!

The Power of Data

75% overall improvement with NCC Qualify Prequalification

52% higher lead conversion

53% higher sales conversion


Our range of soft pull credit products are designed to deliver the capability you need when you need it.

NCC Qualify Online

Designed for car dealerships, NCC EZ Qualify(™) Online is an online application form that enables you to perform a soft pull pre-qualification check on prospective buyers to determine their eligibility for financing. 


The data allows lenders to understand how much the customer can afford to borrow to buy a vehicle and does not have any impact on their credit score. Car dealerships benefit from reducing the time they spend showing customers cars that they would not be able to afford and having the knowledge they need to tailor their recommendations to suit the customer’s budget.


NCC QualifyShowroom

This version of our soft credit check software allows car dealerships to perform soft pull customer pre-screens while in the showroom. 

Soft Pull API

National Credit Center’s Application Programming Interface (API) integrates seamlessly with your existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and digital retailing systems to increase customer confidence and inform your lending decisions.

Average Lead Conversion
More Likely To Purchase
Less Time Spent in the Dealership

Why Choose National Credit Center’s Soft Pull Solutions

By performing soft credit checks with the potential customer, you will benefit from up to 22% more leads converted as customers understand exactly what deals they are entitled to and how much they can afford, increasing their confidence and allowing your sales staff to direct them to suitable vehicles within their budget.

Because your sales staff can engage more insightfully with customers, you could see an increase in sales of up to 30% as well as quicker transactions. We estimate that our systems will generate a quicker customer turnover, improving your business’s productivity by up to 25%. 

Businesses That National Credit Center Can Help

Soft credit checks are not just important for auto dealers. Any business that finances it’s products can benefit from the ability to perform a soft credit check prior to launching a full finance application for their prospective clients.

National Credit Center is trusted by thousands of lenders, power sports dealers, marine dealers and motorsports dealers to provide the insights they need to inform lending decisions in a speedy and comprehensive manner. Our systems present the information you need in an easy-to-read format, increasing the speed with which you can make decisions and securing the interest of your customer. 

Our credit check software is proven to deliver more sales in a shorter time. Because soft pull credit does not impact the  prospective customers’ credit score, they are typically more confident when it comes to seeking advice from salespeople about the affordability of the various solutions you can offer them. When you engage with your customers in this manner, they develop greater trust in your business. This can increase consumer loyalty and word-of-mouth recommendations.

Trust National Credit Center To Improve Your Credit And Compliance Capabilities

National Credit Center will protect your business from fraud and ensure that you remain compliant with data protection and anti-money-laundering regulations while performing soft credit checks on prospective customers. Our systems automatically encrypt customer data, while our secure electronic storage systems ensure you will be able to produce all necessary documentation in the event of an audit. 


With National Credit Center, the data you need to make informed lending decisions is just a click of a button away. Contact us today to find out how our reliable and cost-effective technology can improve the profitability of your business.

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Jim Hawrys
Working with NCC has been a great experience. Pulling credit reports with NCC is easy and their customer support team provides excellent service.
Jim Hawrys
Business Manager, Genesis Chevrolet
Darren Hasley
NCC is our credit report provider, as we typically manage a combination of 1,200 lease vehicle sale transactions a month. Our experience with NCC is fantastic.
Darren Hasley
CIO D&M Leasing, Dallas/Ft. Worth/Houston
Luke Galdi
NCC never lets us down. Credit pulls always work fast and easy. Tie that with great pricing and customer service, and you have a win-win for everyone. Thank You NCC.
Luke Galdi
IT Director Parker Toyota, Parker Subaru, Parker Ford