Out-of-Wallet Authentication

NCC Generates Out of Wallet Questions that Thwart Identity Theft

In the Information Age, privacy is rapidly becoming an anachronism, a relic from another time and place.

Out of Wallet Authentication for car dealers is an important tool that dealerships can—and should—use to help ensure that their credit customers are, indeed, who they claim to be. Through database compilation, NCC generates out of wallet authentication for auto dealers that helps to thwart identity theft, and provide a critically important additional layer of security for credit customers.

With a few clicks on a computer screen, personal information that only a few years ago would have been known to only a few people is now readily accessible—anywhere, anytime. However, even in the Internet age there remains a few, select personal questions that are far less likely to become readily known by either legitimate creditors—or criminal identity thieves.

Although the questions asked may, at first, appear to be “irrelevant trivia”, Out of Wallet authentication risk protection poses questions that only credit customers themselves could answer; in fact, the term ‘out of wallet’ is derived from the fact the answers to these questions would not be readily available, based on information found in the common customer’s wallet.

The questions that are included in the Out of Wallet authentication for auto dealers would normally include questions such as:

  • In what city did your parents meet?
  • What was your high school mascot?
  • What model was your first car?
  • The use of these questions is available to NCC through database compilation, but it’s not readily available to criminals attempting identity theft.

The Information Age, and the Internet, have indeed produced a wide range of new problems for protecting personal information; through innovative ideas and products such as Out of Wallet authentication for auto dealers, NCC is taking the lead in the fight to respond to those new challenges.

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