NCC Advantage

The premiere provider of automotive credit reporting and risk mitigation services to the auto dealership industry.

NCC has been able to lead the pack by offering the nation’s top dealerships “turbo charged” software, precision credit data and mitigation services, all driven by an experienced staff that knows how to service their automotive dealership clients.

But good credit reporting and risk mitigation is not about speed – it has been a long, steady, process for NCC that has involved a rapid time to market, watchful compliance, and a great attention to detail. Since 1996, NCC has provided integrated solutions that empower car dealers with the tools to improve efficiencies and eliminate errors in the credit approval process. And NCC has had its hands firmly on the compliance wheel. It’s a systematic reduction of exposure to risk and the likelihood of its occurrence drives its mitigation services.

What’s the NCC Advantage?

  • The software: NCC’s browser-based dashboard makes navigating credit reporting, risk mitigation and compliance a snap for auto dealerships who need to navigate the current business market. NCC’s lead generation software helps dealers identify, track, and engage existing and potential buyers.
  • The data: NCC’s verified data stream integrates with a variety of dealer management systems. The data flows seamlessly to automotive dealers making sales and decisions a fast, fully compliant, and fearless process. The more accurate the data, the more sales and higher profit margins.
  • The partners: NCC partners with only the top credit companies and automotive system providers in the country. We’ve put them through the test to ensure what we deliver is what the customer ordered. As a result, dealers can manage credit applications and close verified sales with customers while onsite. This one-of-a-kind, turnkey solution sets NCC apart from all of its competitors.

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