Online Lead Generation for Auto Dealers

Auto dealers know all too well the high level of competition in today’s automotive industry. That’s one reason why lead generation for car dealers is critically important in their ongoing marketing efforts to attract new customers.

NCC’s EZ APP is a powerful online lead generation tool that helps to drive up sales numbers without breaking your budget. This interactive tool includes audio, text and video messages that encourage online shoppers to pre-qualify for a car loan.

With EZ APP, dealers have an effective way to turn online visitors into walk-in customers.

More than 80 percent of consumers start their vehicle search online, and as a result lead generation for car dealers has never been more important; in fact, websites are the first stop that most buyers make when selecting a dealership.

Unlike many other tools used as lead generation for car dealers, NCC’s EZ APP is simple and straightforward: once the brief online application is filled out, a pre-qualifying email is then sent, along with a coupon from your dealership.

The coupon must be redeemed in person, thereby transforming the online customer into a walk-in buyer.

In today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, dealers are looking to use innovative technology to help enlarge their customer base. EZ APP’s state-of-the-art technology is a classic example of how modern technology can be easily applied as both a practical, and simple, lead generation for car dealers.

In fact, our pre-qualified leads have a 35% closing ratio—well above the 3%-5% national average.

As a lead generation for car dealerships, EZ APP helps you scores on all three critical fronts: close more deals, sell more cars and increase your profit margin.

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