EzApp Prequal

Gain Valuable Insight into Your Customers' Credit Profile - All Before working the deal!

EzApp provides an easy, powerful platform for dealers to see a consumers’ credit scores without impacting their credit.

Auto dealers know all too well the high level of competition in today’s automotive industry. That’s one reason why lead generation for car dealers is critically important in their ongoing marketing efforts to attract new customers.

EzApp is a powerful online lead generation tool that provides you critical customer insights to maximize the profitability of every sale.

Clean, fully responsive web application for online lead generation

  • Fully responsive for all devices – modern design built from the ground up with mobile in mind.
  • Simple install and integration within your website – lightning fast load times that doesn’t interrupt the user’s website experience.
  • Created to maximize your website conversions – get valuable customer information before working the deal.
  • Enhanced workflow – use in-store to quickly understand credit qualify as you work the deal

Soft pull technology lets shoppers pre-qualify without impacting their credit

  • Get valuable customer information to enhance and speed up their car buying process.
  • No SSN# required – straight from your website, the customer fills out the EZ-App Pre-qualification form.
  • 100% secured submission – the customer will then receive their prequalification status via secured email.
  • Get the information you need – For each prequalified EzApp lead, the dealership will receive the customer’s exact credit score, vehicle payment, interest rate, original loan amount, est. payoff, term of loan, if joint application, and number of times late in the last 24 months.

Additional customization features

Craft and customize your customer message based on their FICO score

Features score threshold setting for added customization

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