DETROIT, MI — September 11, 2015 — E-Credit Express has entered into an exclusive partnership with National Credit Center to provide credit reporting services for the automotive industry. This joint venture enhances ECE’s Credit Sale Platform’s capabilities with “soft pull” credit technology that eliminates traditional lender “hard pull” credit inquiries, while providing lenders with the identical credit reporting information.

“The E-Credit Express platform will provide National Credit Center clients with highly efficient and reliable credit data and information, and simplify the credit reporting process by consolidating and reducing the requisite paperwork,” said Ken Suprenant, National Credit Center’s senior vice president of data solutions.

The proprietary integration of consumer credit data into the platform is a patented transaction process, which reduces the lender’s exposure. Additionally, the numerous costs associated with pulling multiple consumer credit inquiries and postage for the required compliance notifications are eliminated. Further, the unique integrated patented process removes the lender as a creditor in the sale as it ensures dealer compliance in the underwriting process, by providing consistency with deal structure, and ancillary product pricing. The process is fully compliant with federal guidelines, officials said.

“We revolutionized the consumer automotive credit application process in the automotive industry, with the launch of our patented platform,” said Paul Pawlusiak, president E-Credit Express. “The industry will benefit from reduced paperwork and costs by adopting our patented method of streamlining the credit application process for the consumer.

“This reduces the numerous applications traditionally sent by dealers, as well as credit decision wait times,” he added. “Our new exclusive partnership makes our patented platform even better by ensuring federal and financial compliance and safeguarding consumer credit scores.”

Ultimately, the patented transaction process benefits the automotive consumer by reducing the instances of credit inquiries on their credit report. This process also safeguards against unfair credit score penalties, which could hamper future credit approvals.

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