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A complete credit platform single access to all bureaus and propriety analytics to speed and simplify consumer financing.

  • Auto Insight. Your buyer’s auto loan payment information
  • Income Insight. Income and Debt-to-Income (DTI)
  • Innovative. Access our NEW NCC Clarity(tm) credit report
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Every individual with a bank account has a credit report and credit score that provides a snapshot of their financial health, expressed with a numerical value. A number of factors can affect the creditworthiness of an individual, ranging from their income, their repayment history, and their credit utilization to the number of credit inquiries they have made within a particular time frame.

Performing an accurate credit check on a potential customer is vital when they are applying for a loan, mortgage or vehicle financing. Failing to check the consumer credit data of your proposed borrower could cost you time and money, particularly if you unintentionally contravene any applicable financial regulations or become the victim of fraud.

National Credit Center is an industry-leading credit report solutions organization that leverages unique technology and innovative comprehensive credit reporting services to improve your business’ profitability and regulatory compliance. An accurate credit check is just the start of what we offer our clients.

Why Choose National Credit Center?

We are trusted by thousands of auto dealers and consumer lenders to offer the most complete, reliable and cost-effective credit and compliance solution for their businesses, with 99.99% system uptime, customer support around the clock, and outstanding levels of customer satisfaction. 

With more than two decades of industry experience, we are a one-stop shop for all of your credit report solutions. By pulling credit report data from all bureaus, we can help you make accurate and timely risk assessments of potential customers, providing you with the data you need to substantiate your lending decisions, maintain customer loyalty and improve your business’ profitability.

National Credit Center Benefits

We provide comprehensive credit reporting services, gathering the most accurate and reliable consumer credit data quickly to improve your likelihood of securing a sale. 

Our simple credit report solutions integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, providing all of the scores, red flags and compliance data you need at the touch of a button. This rapid access to the data you need will enable you to make lending decisions quickly, capitalizing on a customer’s appetite for borrowing before they leave. 

Integrating with  National Credit Center will reduce your costs, increase your sales, streamline your lending processes and improve your customer interactions. Our systems and products are proven, and our results speak for themselves.

Single provider for all
bureau reports and scores.


All of the specific scores, red flag,
and compliance data you need.


Already integrated into the
systems you use today with no
change or work on your end.

National Credit Center Products

NCC Clarity Credit Report

Our proprietary credit report presents customer credit report data in a simple and easy-to-read format, clearly summarizing the key data points you will need to inform your lending decisions. 

The NCC Clarity™ credit report can also be delivered in TTY, HTML or CV2 format at any time. 


You can also choose one of our other report options:

Credit Scores

National Credit Center provides you with access to any version of FICO® or VantageScore® to inform your decision-making process. Comparing credit reports from numerous credit agencies enables you to fully assess an individual’s capacity for making repayments based on the different assessment criteria ratings each version uses.

NCC Credit Summary

Our NCC Credit Summary™ provides a simple overview of the credit report data instantly to identify the key factors that are driving your prospective borrower’s credit score, allowing you to make accurate risk assessments and timely lending decisions.

NCC Income Insight

By adding real-time income insight on your credit report, you will be well placed to quickly assess a consumer’s credit worthiness for the vehicle or other large purchase.  

NCC Auto Analytics

Specifically designed for auto dealers and others in the auto industry, our proprietary NCC Auto Analytics™ summarizes all applicable auto trade lines in a customer’s credit report to support rapid lending decisions.

The Work Number®

Provided by Equifax, the Work Number® verifies the employment status and income of potential borrowers to support informed decision-making. 

NCC Digital Credit Portal

We deliver 99.99% system uptime, so whether you choose to use our digital credit portal as your primary or backup credit reporting system, you will never lose a sale or be vulnerable to fraudulent activity because you cannot access consumer credit data. deliver

More Credit
Application Approvals
Of Consumers Scored
With VantageScore® 4.0
System Uptime

Can You Afford To Not Integrate?

Securing finance at the best possible rate is key to increasing your sales and profit margins. To make effective lending decisions, avoid penalties for non-compliance in the face of evolving regulations and deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction, trust National Credit Center’s comprehensive credit reporting solution to integrate with your existing systems and software. 


When you choose to integrate with us, we provide continuous access to our complete credit and compliance solutions, with 24/7 support available to help you operate at maximum effectiveness.


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Luke Galdi
NCC never lets us down. Credit pulls always work fast and easy. Tie that with great pricing and customer service, and you have a win-win for everyone. Thank You NCC.
Luke Galdi
IT Director Parker Toyota, Parker Subaru, Parker Ford
Jim Hawrys
Working with NCC has been a great experience. Pulling credit reports with NCC is easy and their customer support team provides excellent service.
Jim Hawrys
Business Manager, Genesis Chevrolet
Darren Hasley
NCC is our credit report provider, as we typically manage a combination of 1,200 lease vehicle sale transactions a month. Our experience with NCC is fantastic.
Darren Hasley
CIO D&M Leasing, Dallas/Ft. Worth/Houston