Complete Credit™




NCC Complete Credit™ is a new credit-enabled platform that helps auto dealers close more profitable deals, automate compliance workflows, and select the right lender for both the dealer and the consumer. The result is that NCC Complete Credit ™ enables dealers to make more money, save time, and stay compliant.

NCC Complete Credit™ provides:

  • Simpler user experience for credit with faster decisioning with the Clarity credit report 
  • Safeguards to ensure Compliance requirements are met 
  • Smarter credit-optimized lender recommendations that also calculate dealer reserve 
  • Seamless credit app push into RouteOne, Dealertrack, and CUDL 


Complete Credit is designed to maximize efficiency and minimize time spent on manual processes. Here’s how it helps you reclaim your valuable time:

  • Speed up the sales process and reduce wait times for your customers

  • Simplified user interface and intuitive tools make it easy for your team to navigate the platform, reducing training time and increasing productivity

  • With automated compliance features, you can rest assured that your dealership is always meeting regulatory requirements without the need for manual oversight

  • Digital storage of credit and compliance materials means no more hunting for paperwork – everything you need is easily accessible with just a few clicks


Make the deal process easier while avoiding regulatory hassles and fines with fully integrated credit and compliance:

  • Digital application enables you to collect credit data from the consumer with security and compliance

  • Address outstanding compliance tasks and deadlines in real time

  • Easy workflows for consumer notifications and proactive alerts that eliminate mistakes and guesswork

  • Everything timestamped and digitally stored in one place in case of audit


With advanced functionality focused on Credit, Compliance, and Dealer Reserve, our platform simplifies processes and enhances your bottom line, enabling you to overcome tightening margins by maximizing profit and dealer reserve on every car:

  • Instant access to credit bureaus and scores speeds up the sales process, translating to quicker deals and increased revenue

  • Our proprietary Lender Select feature automatically calculates Dealer Reserve across multiple lenders, ensuring not only high profit margins on each deal, but nearly eliminates turn-downs and rehashes

  • Get instant calculation of dealer reserve on each deal and credit-optimized lender recommendations of a potential average increase of $400 profit per vehicle

  • Fool-proof compliance tools keep your dealership out of trouble, saving you from costly fines and penalties