Buyer Auto Alerts & Auto Leads

Keep Your Customers For Life

National Credit Center’s NCC Auto Recapture Alerts™  give you the opportunity to proactively engage with customers who are back in the market for a vehicle.  With our proprietary alerts, you will see an improved response rate, reduce your marketing costs and give your return on investment a healthy boost.

Benefits of NCC Buyer Alerts

By understanding which customers are in the market for a vehicle, you can engage with them and offer them the financing they need.  This enables you to keep your customers for life, making sure you are always there when they need you and building trust and loyalty.


Our auto alert will let you know when one of your customers is in the market for a new financing deal. Our trigger leads allow you to monitor your customer base for buying signals, at which point you can proactively engage with them, offering them the financing they need and rebutting attempts by your competitors to poach your customers.

Improve customer loyalty

By proactively monitoring your customers for buying signals, you will receive an auto alert when your customer is shopping so you can offer them a deal that will motivate them to stay. With our help, you could retain up to 65% of the customers who are considering buying a vehicle elsewhere.

Improve ROI

By subscribing to National Credit Center’s industry-leading credit software platform, you will see a marked return on investment in terms of increased sales of finance products. Our trigger leads auto alert you to the needs of your customers, allowing you to tailor a financing package that satisfies their needs and eligibility criteria, increasing the likelihood of them purchasing your product.

NCC Auto Recapture Alerts

National Credit Center monitors your customers and provides you with an alert when they are shopping for a vehicle.

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on Next Purchase
Lifetime Value of
One Auto Customer
Annual Incremental Gross for
Every 20K Customers We Monitor

National Credit Center Working For Car Dealership

Our auto leads software can help your car dealership maximize its selling opportunities, increase brand loyalty and reduce your costs. By providing you with the customer information you need, you can approach existing customers at the right point in time, offering the finance they seek to purchase their next car.


Our software includes the NCC Auto Recapture Alerts™ feature, which is specifically tailored to satisfy the needs of our car dealership customers.


Our software automatically monitors your existing customer base and alerts you when they are in the market for a new vehicle. Our trigger leads can increase your ability to tailor a financing package that satisfies the needs of your customer, increasing the likelihood of them purchasing their next car from you.


Our car dealership customers report an increased gross profit of $10K per year for every 20,000 customers who are monitored via our credit report monitoring software. With our help, you can improve the lifetime value of each auto customer by up to $50K.

How Auto Leads Work

Our system allows you to identify customers who satisfy your eligibility criteria when they are emitting buying signals. This means that you will only the customers you identify and only when they ready to buy.  With this approach, the customer builds trust with your brand and is more likely to purchase their next vehicle.


Because you only approach customers who are likely to respond to your offer, you can minimize the effort spent pursuing unsuitable leads and dramatically increase your ROI while reducing your costs. We provide you with the information you need to determine the creditworthiness of each applicant, which means you can not only provide them with the financing they need, but also direct them to the vehicles that fit within their budget.


When you can guide a customer to the right vehicle that they can afford, they are more inclined to remain loyal to your brand, both now and in the future.

Seamless Integration

One of the best aspects of National Credit Center’s software is that it seamlessly integrates with the systems you already use, which means there is no need to run separate systems to monitor for buying signals from your customers. This saves you time and money and can increase the profitability of your business.

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Darren Hasley
NCC is our credit report provider, as we typically manage a combination of 1,200 lease vehicle sale transactions a month. Our experience with NCC is fantastic.
Darren Hasley
CIO D&M Leasing, Dallas/Ft. Worth/Houston
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Working with NCC has been a great experience. Pulling credit reports with NCC is easy and their customer support team provides excellent service.
Jim Hawrys
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NCC never lets us down. Credit pulls always work fast and easy. Tie that with great pricing and customer service, and you have a win-win for everyone. Thank You NCC.
Luke Galdi
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