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National Credit Center offers the most  reliable, cost-effective, and complete credit and compliance solution for your business. We have been in business for more than 25 years, and, support auto dealers, power sports dealers and lenders in maintaining regulatory compliance while assessing prospective borrowers for the loans and finance deals they need to make their customer’s dreams a reality.


We offer an extensive credit database that enables dealerships and small lenders to automate their credit reports and loan processes. Our services are designed to optimize your profitability, and increase your business’ efficiency.


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Complete Credit

Save time, stay compliant, and maximize profits

Complete Credit is a new credit-enabled platform that helps auto dealers close more profitable deals, automate compliance workflows, and select the right lender for both the dealer and the consumer. The result is that Complete Credit enables dealers to save time, stay compliant, and maximize profits.

Complete Credit offers the most intuitive interface and automation tools which speed up the sales process and make compliance airtight. Not only that, it also features instant calculations of dealer reserve and proprietary lender recommendations, which enables a potential average increase of $400 profit per vehicle AND nearly eliminates turndowns and rehashes.

Soft Pulls

Prequalify buyers without
affecting their score.

Your buyers may be anxious about the impact to their credit score when shopping for a new vehicle and applying for financing.. National Credit Center’s Soft Pull solution solved this concern.  Our Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)-compliant systems prequalify buyers without affecting their credit score, leading to up to a 30% increase in sales.


Our system performs a soft credit check on the consumer to determine the creditworthiness of a prospective borrower, which helps you identify the right vehicle and lender for your buyer.

Verification & Compliance
Stay compliant with all
regulatory requirements.

In an environment of ever-changing regulations it’s hard for dealers to stay current and compliant with every change.  At National Credit Center, we stay abreast of all developments so you don’t have to.

Our industry-leading technology delivers 99.99% system uptime and our dedicated account provides you with 24/7/365 support. Our credit and loan origination automation and compliance capabilities ensure that your buyer’s information is validated and your business maintains compliance with all applicable regulations.

Credit Reports & Scores

Make confident decisions with reports and scores from all bureaus.

Auto dealers and consumer lenders rely on accurate credit scores and reports to verify customers’ identities, support their lending decisions and serve their customers effectively. Our seamless and reliable service is available 24/7/365, offering immediate access to consumer credit profiles from all bureaus, providing you with the information you need to secure financing.


Providing you with immediate access to consumer credit reports increases your financing profitability while also protecting you from buybacks, fraud and regulatory fines from non-compliance.  Credit and loan origination automation enables you to streamline and expedite the process of providing your customers with financing, reducing manual input and improving productivity.


Trusted by thousands of organizations to support
credit decisioning for over two decades.


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All Credit Products


No Impact to Current
Processes or Systems


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System Uptime

Industry-Leading Automation

Save time and money with National Credit Center’s loan automation and credit automation software. From application processing and credit evaluation to underwriting and analytics, we provide the support and data you need every step of the way. 

Time is money, and choosing National Credit Center to administer your lending processes will result in increased accuracy, enhanced levels of risk management and compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements. We deliver outstanding levels of customer satisfaction, offering fast and convenient loan application and servicing processes.


Support You Can Rely On

The National Credit Center has been trusted by thousands of organizations just like yours to support their credit decision-making for more than years. We offer the most reliable and cost-effective loan automation, credit automation and compliance service that your business needs to improve its profit margins and maintain compliance in the face of rapidly evolving financial regulations. 

The variety of services we offer are fundamental to your success, enabling your business to hold its competitive advantage in the marketplace. Our one-stop solution provides seamless and speedy access to the credit pull database, loan origination data and compliance offerings your business needs around the clock. 

When you choose National Credit Center for your financing needs, you will benefit from our industry-leading loan origination automation software that delivers real-time risk analysis, ensuring that your business remains compliant with anti-money-laundering and Know Your Customer regulations.

Our systems integrate seamlessly with your current setup, allowing for a reliable and cost-effective connection with minimal disruption. By integrating with us, you will see a marked increase in sales and profitability, along with a correlating reduction in costs. We will support your business in analyzing your loan origination data to gain valuable insights into your lending practices and improve your processes, now and in the future.

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Luke Galdi
NCC never lets us down. Credit pulls always work fast and easy. Tie that with great pricing and customer service, and you have a win-win for everyone. Thank You NCC.
Luke Galdi
IT Director Parker Toyota, Parker Subaru, Parker Ford
Jim Hawrys
Working with NCC has been a great experience. Pulling credit reports with NCC is easy and their customer support team provides excellent service.
Jim Hawrys
Business Manager, Genesis Chevrolet
Darren Hasley
NCC is our credit report provider, as we typically manage a combination of 1,200 lease vehicle sale transactions a month. Our experience with NCC is fantastic.
Darren Hasley
CIO D&M Leasing, Dallas/Ft. Worth/Houston